venerdì 18 gennaio 2008

GBrainy for OLPC v0.50

Hi everyone, my little contribution to the OLPC and Mono is not finished yet, so in the last days I tried to port the new version of GBrainy to the OLPC Device. GBrainy is so nice that the OLPC version needs to be updated. You can find it here. The original web page can be found here. Thanks to Jordy Mas for the original code.

giovedì 3 gennaio 2008

Mono on OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) device

After a lot of time I'm finally releasing the first version of Sugar assembly to "sugarize" a Mono application. This assembly is needed to integrate a Mono application with the Sugar environment so it can run on an OLPC device. This version allows creating applications that use GTK# forms created programmatically or by a Glade resource file. Additional work remains to be done to support new widgets and integrate with Journal/Datastore to enable using all of the OLPC resource. A specific wiki page has been created on wiki at this address. I have ported two applications to the OLPC device: GBrainy and MonkeysMemory. The first application is an interesting application to "improve" your brain, while the second one is a simple "Memory" game that I wrote to play with my children. Again I created some specific wiki page on wiki, one for MonkeysMemory and one for GBrainy. Here are some screenshots to see these applications (oops, activities) in action: