giovedì 3 gennaio 2008

Mono on OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) device

After a lot of time I'm finally releasing the first version of Sugar assembly to "sugarize" a Mono application. This assembly is needed to integrate a Mono application with the Sugar environment so it can run on an OLPC device. This version allows creating applications that use GTK# forms created programmatically or by a Glade resource file. Additional work remains to be done to support new widgets and integrate with Journal/Datastore to enable using all of the OLPC resource. A specific wiki page has been created on wiki at this address. I have ported two applications to the OLPC device: GBrainy and MonkeysMemory. The first application is an interesting application to "improve" your brain, while the second one is a simple "Memory" game that I wrote to play with my children. Again I created some specific wiki page on wiki, one for MonkeysMemory and one for GBrainy. Here are some screenshots to see these applications (oops, activities) in action:
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