sabato 4 luglio 2009

FsGateway - access to Sugar Datastore

FsGateway is a Mono application that allows to mount several entities as a filesystem using mono-fuse. Now we see the sugar_datastore module.

sugar_datastore module

This module allows mounting a Sugar Datastore storage as a filesystem. This way you can access to your document created using Sugar. Tags are shown as directories in the exported filesystem. You can open a Write document by simply double-clicking on it, and Open Office will be opened.

To do this, simply run the application specifying the filesystem type (sugar_datastore), the location where your data is stored (in this case datastore_sample) and the mountpoint (in this case mountpoint/):

mono --debug fsgateway.exe sugar_datastore datastore_sample mountpoint/

Now you can use your preferred file manager such as Nautilus or Dolphin to see the content and open each object with a double-click:

Here some snapshopt:

Since the datastore is read scanning the storage directory without using the datastore internal storage capability, data is read-only. This is done by the module, changing this behavior is very easy.

Obviously, you can open a SoaS datastore using this step:

  • become root (unfortunately)
  • plug in your SoaS in the USB port
  • create a working directory (e.g.: //mkdir ~/soas_datastore//)
  • mount the home partition with loop option (e.g.: //mount -o loop /media/disk/LiveOS/home.img soas_datastore// )
  • mount the datastore stored inside it (e.s. //mono --debug fsgateway.exe sugar_datastore ~/soas_datastore/liveuser/.sugar/default/datastore mountpoint//)

Of course, you can try the "allow_other" FUSE option to allow other users to access to the datastore.
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