martedì 23 marzo 2010

Mono 2.4.3 and WinForm on Maemo device

Today I spend some time to make some test using a real winform application on my N810 device. This application use a config file, a socket and a nontrivial winform interface to show the status of specific software server. This interface use tab pane dock to the full window, a detaililed list, and change the color of the row when a specific process is in running. I simply copy the binary from the windows server to my OpenSuSE linux machine and on my N810 maemo device. On OpenSuSE I have no problem with the latest version of mono. On Maemo device I not able to run the release version of application, so I try to run the Debug version with the "--debug" option. Now the application start perfectly. Here there is some screenshot taken from Windows, OpenSuSE and N810 :)
Window Platform
Linux Plaform
Maemo4 on N810
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