sabato 12 settembre 2015

My PS3 seems to be dead. Long live to PS3

Some days ago, my children have problem with our PS3. They tried to restart the console but when the device restarted, an error message came up asking to check the storage. 
Obviusly we answered yes and we started to wait .... a long wait. .... long ...

The day after (yes this operation was very slow and was necessary one whole day) finally the check disk was finished but PS3 was telling us that the system was corrupted so we had to insert an USB stick with latest firmware.
No problem, we had it, so we inserted USB stick and reflash our PS3 (yes all games progress was lost). When flash process was finished we restarted the console and .... nothing happened on the screen.  The screen was blank.
We tried to start recovery console but nothing.  The screen still was blank.
We checked all connections: power cord, HDMI cord;but nothing, the screen still was blank.

Some days later I tried to remove the internal HD from PS3 and when I power on it an error screen came up on the screen. Wow, I thought, so no hardware problem on video card and motherboard, probably the problem is the communication with HardDisk.

In the office I had an 2.5" HD so I took it and when I come back at home I tried to insert in the PS3 and ... opla ... recovery console now came up.

Now with a new HD my PS3 is like new.

I can understand that HD is critical for console but Sony could simply show an error message on the screen. In this was we though that it was dead but that wasn't true.
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